Musical Intelligence

 Hello, everybody
Here is an old traditional Romanian song about folk dancing steps from Transylvania...The students in 3A Grade "Nicolae Orghidan" School Brasov are inviting you to listen to it.

This is an old Romanian song. 2 Grade B Andrei Saguna School, Turda.

The Polish team
This month I took another camera and finally I could put this movie.
Another music concert in our kindergarten (we have it once a month) was about violin.We could heard stories about this instrument , see how it it build and lisnet many melodies.
This one is our folk music:

Bianca Timariu is one of my students in 4A Grade 15 school, Brasov.

She is singing for you an old traditional Transylvanian folk sing.


You can listen to the popular song which is performed by our pupils! Hope that you will like it! A big hug, Bulgarian Team :)

In Portugal we have an old tradition (maybe in the rest of Europe too;) ). In the beginnig of November we make a big party to celebrate St. Martin's Day, where we sing, dance eat chestnuts and taste the new wine. In our school, this year has been like this...